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Friday, February 10, 2012

A Bead On Philippine's Necklace

I was supposed to keep my blog from political views, I have my Facebook and Twitter for these issues. But this one I think will be an exemption simply because it is an Impeachment Trial, of the Supreme Court Justice, IN MY OWN COUNTRY. If I were to use Paul Rusesabagina's word, then I'll say outright that the Impeachment Trial of CJ Corona will be a "bead on our national necklace".

Our Constitution though patterned from the US Constitution is still somehow politically immature. If you had witnessed the first 2-3 days of the Impeachment Trial, I guess you'll agree with my thoughts. Also if you had notice along the impeachment process some Senator-Judge would refer to "Impeachment, A Handbook" by Charles Black Jr., a Sterling Professor Emeritus at Yale Law School. Not someone from Ateneo de Manila University, San Beda College or from University of the Philippines. My apologies if I may sound a downer, but I do believe I have a point. On a brighter side, good thing though with this affair is it resembles a milestone of our nation's maturity. So, we're growing up or old?

Clearly, with this chain of events, most of us wanted to have a role in this impeachment process. Opinions from the public and those in media are sprouting up. Some act or even to the point would look like Former Associate Justice Serafin Cuevas being vocal about their support or citing disappointments from court proceedings. Yet some citizens though are fed up with the Impeachment Trial and just wanted to watch Ms. Kris Aquino's latest showbiz update. And this is what saddens me. Because for me as a citizen, with the impeachment trial at hand, we should support the process set out by our constitution. Be vigilant from personal or political leanings and guard the process against possible abuses.

Lastly, I really don't care if who's going to win, will it be the Prosecutors or the Defense team. All I care is for the Senator-Judges to exhaust all resources, just for the process to be done fairly, free from personal relations' and political affiliations. Why? Cause few years from now this Impeachment Trial will be part of our history. It will be a bead on our country's necklace of history.


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