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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ode to Wine for 2012

"Wine color of day
wine color of night
wine with your feet of purple or Topaz blood
wine, starry child of the earth
wine, smooth as a golden sword..."

The year 2012 really started with a bang! From the DOT campaign slogan - It's More Fun In The Philippines to the impeachment trial of CJ Corona. Also to mention Carcar City winning Best in Costume and 3rd in Sinulog-Base Category in Sinulog 2012.

" spiral-shelled and suspended
loving, of the sea,
you've never been contained in one glass,
in one song, in one man,
choral, you are gregarious and at least, mutual."

Pablo Neruda's passion for life constantly entrance me. That is why I started the year with his "Ode to Wine". Now I'm not promoting alcoholism here, it's just simply about enjoying a wine's quality than quantity.

"Wine stirs the spring,
joy grows like a plant,
walls, large rock falls,
abysses close up, song is born."

In the country, even if its still in infancy, wine drinking will seem to have a better year this year. The health and wellness trend last year will certainly continue and more will get into it. Because of internet and social media, wine suggestions will be easily available. And lastly, "wine sales will continue to grow among 20 to 40 years old patrons" according to wine enthusiast Loren Sonkin.

"My love, suddenly your hip
is the curve of the wineglass filled to the brim,
your breast is the cluster
your hair the light of alcohol
your nipples, the grapes
your navel pure seal..."

Aside from sharing verses of Pablo Neruda's ode, I'd like also to share some pronunciation guide of wine types (by Brad Prescott) and here it is.

Cabernet Sauvignon - CAB-er-nay SAW-vin-YAWN

Blanc de Pinot Noir - BLAHNK duh PEA-know NWAHR

Pinot Noir - PEA-no NWAHR

Fumé Blanc - FOO-may BLAHNK

Burgundy - BURR-gun-dee

Merlot - Mer-LOW

Semillon - SEM-ee-yawn

Chardonnay - SHAR-duh-nay

Carignane - KARE-in-yawn

Petite Sirah - Puh-TEET Ser-AH

Chablis - Shuh-BLEE

Chenin Blanc - SHEN-in BLAHNK

"But not only love, burning kiss,
or ignited heart - vino de vida,
you are also fellowship, transparency,
chorus of discipline,
abundance of flowers.
I love the light of a bottle
of intelligent wine upon a table
when people are talking,
that they drink it,
that in each drop of gold
or ladle of purple, they remember that autumn worked
until the barrels were filled with wine
and let the obscure man learn,
in the ceremony of his business,
to remember the earth and his duties,
to propagate the canticle of the fruit.

Cheers 2011, hello 2012!! May this year bring forth new opportunities, good health and blessings in each one of us.


  1. This is interesting, especially the pronunciation guide. I often see these words in some books and read them as they appear to me, "bisdak" that I am. :-)

    new follower,

  2. Hi Nancy. Thanks for dropping by and for following. I do hope you found the pronunciation guide helpful.